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Preparation for Colonoscopy

Colonoscopy is done to screen for colon cancer in healthy patients (Screening Colonoscopy) and for diagnosis ( Diagnostic Colonoscopy) in patient who has history of polyps, family history of colon cancer, abdominal problems ( like pain, constipation, blood in stool, dark stool, hemorrhoids, anal fissure etc.), colon operations. It is usually done in a hospital or out patient centers where our clinic has privileges after you have bowel prep the day before. It usually takes about half an hour. You will usually will not have any discomfort, as you will be getting IV sedation/anesthesia by expert anesthesiologist during the procedure. The chances of complication are extremely rare ( like bleeding, colon perforation, anesthesia problems). Our Clinisc Endoscopists never had any complication during the last 24 years of , 1000s of colonoscopy.

Instructions To Follow

You’ll need to follow specific instructions to prepare for your colonoscopy exam. The reason is that in order for your doctor to be able to detect any issues during the colonoscopy, you first need to clean out your bowel. This includes adjusting your diet in the days leading up to the exam and taking the laxative preparation prescribed by your doctor at specific time intervals. Depending on the medication prescribed, you will need to follow slightly different steps

Steps to Follow For Every Colonoscopy

7 Days Before

Most people will not need to do anything differently this far in advance of a colonoscopy. However, review you medications with your doctor and ask for specific instructions if you take blood-thinners (like Warfarin, coumadin, pradaxa, Eliquis,Xarelto,Plavix, Effient,Brillinta etc). If you are Diabetcic or has Hgh BP Talk to your doctor about taking the medications night before. Also obtain your Colonoscopy prep medication at this time ( some times your insurance company may need pre-approval or may have an alternate medication which is covered under your plan. You do not want to deal with this day before the procedure.

If you are a diabetic talk to the doctor about taking the diabetic medications ( Generally you do not take diabetic medications or insulin the night before and day of the procedure. After the procedure you may resume the medication since you will be eating). You should continue to take the medication for hypertension with sip of water.

3 Days Before

Stop eating nuts, seeds, and popcorn

2 Days Before

Drink 8 glasses of water during the day and stop eating any thing solid after midnight.

Hospital and our office may call you regarding pre-procedure information and confirmation 2 days before.

The Day Before

Begin with a light mostly liquid break fast.

After that you only take a clear liquid diet.

Clear liquids include ( anything liquids, where you can see through a glass which contains it) examples are

  • Coffee – no milk or cream, Tea
  • lemaonade, limeaid, iced tea, (with or with our sugar), Water, ice
  • Clear carbonated beverages – regular or sugar-free
  • Strained fruit juices, Salt, sugar, saccharin, Hard candy
  • Clear, non-fat beef and chicken broth
  • Bouillon, clear or consommé
  • Jell-O and popsicles – no red, pink or purple colors

At about 4PM , THE DAY BEFORE YOUR PROCEDURE your COLONOSCOPY you start taking your bowel prep


  • At 4pm the day before, Take the first bottle of Clenpiq after pouring that in to the provided container and filling with additional water
  • Take additional atleast 5 glasses ( 8 oz) of water/clear liquids ( no sugar added) over next 1 hour. Also drink additional clear liquids to stay hydrated
  • you will start having bowel movements after 1-2 hours. Stay near a toilet
  • At 9PM the day before repeat the above 3 steps

At the completion of your prep, your bowel movements maybe light yellow or some other color, but you should have no formed stool. If you are unsure that you are clean, please take lone or two fleets enemas at the conclusion of your prep or in the morning of the procedure before you come to the hospital. DO NOT DRINK OR EAT ANYTHING OR CHEW GUM AFTER MIDNIGHT.Due to the IV sedation given for your comfort, you must bring someone with you to drive you home following the procedure. Also, make sure someone is available to speak with the doctor at the conclusion of the procedure for instructions. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to call our office at 469 788 8588.

See instructions if you are a diabetic or has high BP.